Education Benefits & Services

A comprehensive program of education-related benefits and services is the basis of the Silver Shield Foundation…

Tuition Assistance

The Silver Shield Foundation sets aside an education fund for each surviving child of police officers and firefighters. A diverse and flexible program aimed at meeting a family’s specific needs, it helps with tuition payments for prep school, college and university undergraduate and graduate school, and vocational and technical school.

Academic Tutoring Services

The trauma of a parent’s sudden death often results in the children under our care requiring special academic intervention to keep from falling behind in their school work. Our education fund pays for certified private tutors when these children need this service.

College Preparation Services

We make funds available to students for counseling and college board preparatory courses.

Other Benefits & Services

While addressing the educational needs of the children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty accounts for the majority of our intervention, the Silver Shield Foundation provides other vital services and benefits to surviving spouses and children…

Spouse Education Assistance Program

We provide tuition assistance for college, graduate school and vocational training to surviving spouses seeking to further their education for a possible return to the
job market.

Counseling & Bereavement Services

Over 80% of the surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed on September 11, 2001, suffered from nightmares and night fears. To address these and other long-term effects, we partnered with the world-renowned New York University School of Medicine to establish the Silver Shield Foundation Bereavement Program at the NYU Child Study Center — a program that provided evaluation, counseling and bereavement services to help surviving children, spouses and parents of police officers and firefighters who perished on 9/11 cope with the emotional and psychological trauma and scars.
The Silver Shield Foundation continues to assist in the cost for counseling and bereavement services to help children who have lost a parent cope with post-traumatic stress and long-term emotional issues.

Healthcare Benefit

We underwrite an annual comprehensive medical exam for surviving spouses provided by a highly accredited team of physicians at the New York Presbyterian Hospital Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center.

Outreach Initiatives

We underwrite the annual luncheon for the Police and Fire Line of Duty Widows of New York City, an 850-member organization, and we sponsor projects at the request of various agencies and unions to help meet ongoing needs of these families.

  • The Silver Shield Foundation isn't an organization that simply writes a check and disappears. My children and I aren't just another case number. They know us by name. This has become a life-long friendship.

    Marie Anaya wife of Firefighter Charlie Anaya, a 9/11 casualty