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For 40 years, The Silver Shield Foundation has been committed to raising funds to provide educational support for the children and surviving spouses of Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS members killed in the line of duty.


Today, we remain committed to helping these families cope with such an incredible loss. A large part of that vision is providing tuition assistance for college, graduate school, vocational or technical school, private secondary school, and tutoring services. Whatever the need, the Silver Shield Foundation sets aside an educational fund for each surviving child to take advantage of opportunities that enable them to achieve their educational dream and a brighter future.


Looking out for those

who look out for us. 


Our program is designed to safe guard the futures of children whose parents sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of others. Our scholarship program invests in the education of the children and surviving spouses of the NYC Police Department, NYC Fire Department/EMS, NY/NJ Port Authority Police Departments, NY, NJ, and CT State Police, Nassau and Suffolk County police departments and all police departments in CT.  

Baseball and Bat

"George could not forget the image of the children.

He was concerned about their education and who would help with the cost."

George and James


In 1982, George M. Steinbrenner III, the Principal Owner of the New York Yankees, was attending the funeral of a police officer killed in the line of duty. The American flag was folded military-style and presented to the officer’s wife and children. Deeply moved by the ceremony Mr. Steinbrenner became concerned for the children, their education and who would help with the cost. Something had to be done. He turned to his close friend and Olympic bronze medalist James E. Fuchs. Men of action they worked together to establish the Silver Shield Foundation.

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